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So Much More than Home Decor!

Ever since Jacob and I were first married we have talked about creating our own business. We never actually intended to do it. While Jacob was finishing up his degree in 2008, he was diagnosed with an onset of blindness, his condition has no treatment or cure. The condition developed much more rapidly than we had ever anticipated, and a year later he was laid off due to the economy. Unfortunately, no one was interested in hiring someone who is going blind. We are fighters and we weren't about to throw in the towel, so we decided to get creative and create our own work, and BedBuggs Boutique was born in January of 2010.

I originally borrowed my mother's sewing machine and got to work creating the characters and other decor items I envisioned and dreamed up. Every creation is required to pass the approval of our "BedBuggs Approval Board" or aka our kids. We know when our kids smile and love a new creation, that our creation is a success. I never intended our shop to be a huge success, I just wanted a supplemental income. But after 8 months of sewing, I was buried in orders and had to ask Jacob to leave his odd jobs to help me keep up.

In the summer of 2011, we had several surprises, including a very unexpected surprise twin pregnancy, and features in PEOPLE and Pregnancy and Newborn Magazines. These magazine features helped us take our business to the next level and employ several awesome ladies in our community. They are lifesavers and we cannot thank them enough! Our amazing crew has not only kept us going, but they consistently help us improve and have taken our quality above and beyond what we ever expected!
We've since changed our name to Daisy Manor, but we've always taken great pride in our originality, quality, craftsmanship and our work. We are so grateful for the blessing of supporting our, and other families with our creations.

We cannot thank you, our awesome customers enough for supporting us, you have helped make our "deemed" impossible success possible! Thank you for all your support!!!

We are a proud MADE IN USA company!

All Daisy Manor Designs are 100% Original
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